Wednesday, December 13, 2006


meh. so sick. don't care about comics anymore... tomorrow, maybe...
until then, here is a picture of a lemming. isn't he cute ?

Friday, December 01, 2006

solstce cafe winter fair

hey! you! if you live in victoria, i expect you to all come out to the craft fair at my cafe. if you don't, may you be smitten with christmas elves, and forced to listen to kenny rogers and dolly parton's christmas special for the rest of your life...

snow days!

comic tour journal

hi there, honkies!
so i finished up my tour journal, and everything is posted (somewhat in order) on this site. if you already read them, well, you'll have to scroll down for the new ones. thanks for reading. please leave me comments. constructive criticism is welcome. but don't mention that i can't spell worth shit.

nova scotia, ontario, and more

i'm home from a month long tour of nova scotia, ontario and quebec, and i am SO glad to be here! i missed my bed like an old friend, though our adventures were really fun, and we made some good contacts out of it all. already booked for 2 festivals next summer, and expecting more! this is my little comic journal of our trip. i wish i could've included everything and everyone, but travelling like that, i just couldn't keep up. i'm going to add them in sections, as i haven't even finished inking them yet.

nova scotia

last 2 gigs in nova scotia

the men of nova scotia

toronto, london, sudbury, sault ste marie

yan's place

after all that angst about yan and his mysterious "dissapearance", we got ahold of him at last. he hosted us at his farmhouse, and seeing him was really great closure to what was a somewhat tumultous past. here's phaedra kissing billy. don't worry, she paid the fee.

toronto and guelph

ottawa, montreal, and home!


i was drunk, but geoff was REALLY drunk

phew! i'm so glad to be home now. when i left town i was thinking, "i should move away, get out of victoria for a while..." now i'm just grateful to live in such a great place. and grateful for all the fun and generousity we experience while on the road.
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